40 Home Remedies for Your Wellbeing That Works

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Everyone has a right to live a happy and healthy life. But most of us are either too busy or don’t pay much attention to our wellbeing because these processes require more of our time and money.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford those high beauty and therapy treatments. You can efficiently work on your wellbeing with simple ingredients at home. In this post, we are discussing the 40 Most Effective Home Remedies for your Wellbeing that works.

Let’s get started!

1. Suffering from Anxiety? Try Meditation

Anxiety and depression have become common issues in our surroundings. The major reason for anxiety is that we have made our lives so much busy that we don’t have time to relax. Meditation is an effective way by which you can make your mind relax and get rid of excessive anxiety and depression. Meditation is simple, and you can do it easily at your home.

Solution Method:

Stand out straight, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Just inhale and exhale. Let your mind relax and do not think of any unusual thing. Focus on breathing. Continue doing this for around 5-10 minutes, and you’ll feel much better. Keep performing meditation regularly for effective results.

2. Having pimples due to dryness? Use Nourishing Oils

It is usually thought that people with oily skin suffer from acne and pimples. On the other hand, if your skin is dehydrated, you may notice pimples on your skin in cold weather. Don’t worry, it is normal!

Try out skin-nourishing methods:

Take 50 ml Olive Oil, 50 ml sesame oil, and 10-12 drops geranium oil.

Mix these oils well, take about two drops of this oil mixture, and massage thoroughly on your wet skin. Regular use for about a week or two will minimize this issue, and you don’t even have to apply expensive ointments.

3. Experiencing Dry Cough? Try Honey

Dry cough irritates the most. It is bearable for some time, but if this cough stays for a longer time, it makes a person feel irritated and causes muscular weakness.

Solution Method:

If you are having a problem fighting with a dry cough, add honey to your diet. Take about one tablespoon of natural honey; it is a good substitute for cough syrups. Being a natural sweetener, honey works best for cough. People of all ages can use this home remedy except babies younger than 1.

4. Feeling Lazy? Use Green Tea

It’s normal to feel lazy after waking up from sleep. Sometimes a hectic schedule of the ahead makes us feel very annoying and lazy. If you also experience such laziness in the morning or during any time of the day, have a cup of green tea. Yes, you heard it right!

Green Tea is available in almost every home. It makes you feel fresh and alert and is enough to kick start your day with full energy. So, start using green tea to make your morning energetic.

5. Did face get tanned? Try this DIY fairness mask

When your skin is too much exposure to sunlight directly, it gets tanned. You may look dull in color, and your skin does not look fresh. Although every skin color is beautiful and fair should not be the priority, only healthy skin should be prioritized.

Solution Method:

But if your skin is dull, and not fresh and you are conscious about your skin health, then you can apply the following mask:

  • 1 Tsp Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti)
  • 1 Tsp Rose Water

Mix these two ingredients well and apply this paste on your face for 15-20 minutes until it gets dry. Wash with cold water. You’ll see excellent results!

6. Worried about being Overweight? Take healthy fats

If you are worried about being bulky and overweight, adding more healthy fats into your diet and avoiding something labeled “low-fat” or “fat-free” really work. There is a high amount of sugar in low fat and fat-free foods products, and the body stores excessive sugar as “Fat.”


Add more healthy fats to your diets such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, and seeds. They give you a boost in your energy and keep you filled longer. And learn to add more vegetables to your diet, which have fibre and B vitamins that help clean your internal system. A clean body is a lean body!

7. Bearing Period Cramps? Try Vitamin-D

Almost every girl knows some hacks to deal with period pain and cramps. These hacks include stretching, hot water bottles, painkillers, etc. But so many of us don’t know the importance of taking Vitamin-D during this period. A group of women was given Vitamin-D about five days before their next expected period. All these women experienced less period pain and cramps. Being at home, you can take all those foods that contain a high amount of Vitamin-D like egg yolks, cheese, salmon fish, soy milk, orange juice, etc.

8. Tired of having Dark Lips? Try this lip mask

Everyone admires the natural pink color of lips. But due to some internal issues or heredity problems, your lips can become darker in the shade. Even due to smoking, drinking, or taking less water than necessary can cause lip dullness.

Solution Method:

Here is a simple home remedy to lighten your lips and make them naturally pink:

  • Take 1 Tsp almond powder
  • 1 Tsp fresh cream
  • 1 Tsp grated potato (in raw form)

Mix all the ingredients well and apply daily for one week. Your lips will come back to their natural color.

9. Experiencing Nausea? Use Ginger

Ginger has antibiotic properties and is used for treatment against any bacteria. If you are experiencing nausea and don’t want to take heavy medicines to cure, try this simple home remedy using ginger.

Solution Method:

Simply add freshly chopped ginger to1 cup of hot boiling water, add a few drops of lemon juice, and let it boil for another 1 minute. Take this for 2-3 days and beat nausea simply and deliciously!

10. Open Pores? Try this out!

Open pores of skin cause many problems when clogged with dirt and pollution. You may face acne and pimples due to this.

Solution Method:

If you observe open pores on your face, take tomato in raw form, cut it into halves and freeze it for about 3-4 hours. Rub this frozen tomato on your skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash your face with regular tap water. Follow this process for one week, and you’ll see remarkable changes in your skin and open pores with a start shrinking, thus leaving a natural glow on your face.

11. Dry and Dull Hair? Apply this hair mask

Everyone loves healthy and shiny hair. But if you do not take good of care of your hair, they may become rough, dry, and start presenting a dull look. If you are facing this problem, then make this little effort.

Solution Method:

Take one whole egg and add 2 Tsp yogurt in it. You can also add a few drops of olive oil, but it’s optional. Mix well and apply thoroughly on your hair, especially on hair roots. Leave this hair mask for at least 1 hour. After one hour, wash your hair with lukewarm water. You can apply mild shampoo to get rid of the egg smell. This simple home remedy is being used for years and leaves fantastic results.

12. Body Pain? Take a hot bath

Many people experience pain in joints, back, neck, shoulders, or even in the whole body at the end of their day. It can be due to tiredness and lack of rest. A hot water bath is an excellent way to let you get rid of this uneasiness. Warm water helps to regulate blood flow to the areas where it is needed.

Solution Method:

Fill your bathing tub with hot water. Do not make it too hot, especially if you have some skin allergy or disease. The average temperature is between

92-100 F. Sit inside and let your body relax for 10 minutes. Do this daily before going to sleep. You’ll get relief from body pain. Note that after taking a hot water bath, do not immediately shower with cold water. Otherwise, your body tissues may be damaged.

13. Swelling after recovering from an injury? Use Ice Pack

Swelling is normal after recovering from an injury. The swollen body part hurts more and if you want to get rid of it, apply the ice pack. You only have to take one or two ice cubes and rub it on the swollen area. If your skin is still in the recovery process, then apply this ice around the injured area. Do this for 20 minutes (not more than this). Using this ice pack will make you relieved from excessive swelling.

14. Cracked Heels and rashes? Use Petroleum Jelly

Cracked heels hurt a lot. Especially in the winter season, your heels frequently gets cracked. This is because you don’t moisturize your feet regularly, and in the cold season, it is an absolute must to keep the skin moisturized.

Solution Method:

Apply petroleum jelly to your heels after cleaning your feet. You can apply this to your heels whenever you clean your feet; there is no side effect of the excessive application. This will not only make your cracked heels normal but also make your feet soft and glowing. You can also apply petroleum jelly to baby diaper rashes. It will give relief and heal the rash area.

15. Bleeding Gums? Try this

Bleeding gums can be very painful. There can be many causes of bleeding gums; you must consult your dentist for proper treatment. But if your gums start bleeding and are unable to go for a checkup, use this simple home remedy to get relief.

Solution Method:


  • 1 Tsp rock salt
  • 1 Tsp Triphala powder
  • 1 Tsp neem (Azadirachta indica) powder

Mix all ingredients well and take a pinch at a time to massage the bleeding gums. You’ll get relief instantly.

16. Breathing Difficulties? Use Peppermint

Peppermint has a very refreshing aroma. The breathing problems in asthmatic patients can be treated by peppermint. Its antispasmodic characteristics help reduce breathing problems. Peppermint includes a large amount of menthol that contribute to lung purification and the regular and effective respiration. In addition to your medical treatment, try this simple home remedy to regulate your breathing. Peppermint tea can be made from fresh or dried peppermint leaves.

Solution Method:

Just take a handful of peppermint leaves and put them in a teapot. Let the leaves boil for about 5-6 minutes. Once the leaves are fully boiled, strain the leaves and enjoy the refreshing peppermint tea. You can add honey or sugar as well to enhance the taste.

17. Smelly Armpits? Try these home remedies

We all sweat when we do high-intensity exercise even due to hot weather. This sweat causes a body odor. Many people face embarrassment in front of others due to the bad odor of their armpits. Deodorants are there for help, but those are not a permanent solution. Something needs to be done for the longer term.

Solution Method:


  • 1 Tsp of Baking Soda
  • 1 Tsp lemon juice

Mix well and apply it to your armpits. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then take a shower. Regularly applying this paste will do a magical thing to you. You will notice odor-free armpits. You can also apply a few drops of lavender essential oil after taking a bath. This also really helps to get rid of body odor.

18. Acidity Problem? Use Basil

Acidity causes extreme heartburn and restlessness. If you had a heavy dinner at night, you went to bed straight away after having dinner; then, you may suffer from acidity at midnight. At that time, you cannot even go to the doctor. To avoid this, one of the best of all home remedies is to chew basil (Tulsi) leaves after finishing your mean. It will avoid acidity and help you digest your food faster. Basil leaves also protect the body from refluxes and protects against ulcers. So, this remedy is a must-try!

19. Low Blood Pressure Problem? Use Pomegranate

Many people have BP issues these days. Where the majority of people have High BP issues, some people also suffer from Low Blood Pressure problems. In addition to your medical treatment. A simple and easy home remedy that you can use to maintain your Blood Pressure is Pomegranate.

Solution Method:

Take a glass of pomegranate juice daily. It will not only help to regulate Blood Pressure but also maintains good heart health.

20. Sore Throat? Try this remedy

The human body works 24/7. Each body organ has its place, and if anyone of it hurts, whole-body functioning gets disturbed. Having a sore throat can make you feel restless and uncomfortable. If you have a seasonal cold, flu, and sore throat, medicine also takes some time to heal you. In addition to medicine, you can use the following home remedy to relieve your throat.

Solution Method:


  • 2 Tsp of Honey
  • 2 Tsp of Ginger Juice

Mix both ingredients and take it for 3-4 days. It will help to expectorate mucus and will give your throat so much relief instantly.

21. Migraine Sucks? Eat Apple daily.

Migraine is something very disturbing and painful. It is even worse than a complete headache. Usually, the painkillers for migraines are of high potency, and they give you relief instantly and damage your normal functioning of the body for the longer term.

Solution Method:

An easy way to get rid of a migraine is to start taking an apple on an empty stomach in the morning. You just have to do this for 1 or 2 weeks. The results will amaze you. Your migraine will be gone, and you don’t need to take any kind of pain killers. Do give it a try!

22. Iron Deficiency? Treat it naturally

Iron is as essential for the body as other substances. If your body becomes iron deficient, it may cause anemia. Without enough iron, your body cannot produce enough hemoglobin in red blood cells that carry oxygen in the body. In addition to medicines, you must have to naturally fix this issue because not every body type can bear intense medication.

Solution Method:


  • 3-4 dates
  • I cup milk
  • 1 Tsp of unprocessed oil or Ghee

Blend all ingredients and take 1 cup daily. It will help a lot in maintaining your iron levels in the body.

23. Gastric and Bloating Issue? Fennel seeds are here!

Gastric issues can be caused due to many reasons. One reason is your low digestive system. This issue can lead to body and face bloating as well. Even if you are not bulky, bloating makes you look like. To treat this problem, you can use this simple home remedy regularly.

Solution Method:

Take 1 Tsp of fennel seeds and add them in a pot having hot boiling water. Let them boil for two more minutes at low temperature. Strain the solution and drink it warm. This will help you fight with gas issues and will reduce bloating from your whole body.

24. Suffering from Hangovers? Take Banana Shake

If you suffer from hangovers after taking some heavy drinks, most probably those having alcohol in them, then make sure you drink a lot of freshwaters.

Solution Method:

A simple home remedy for dealing with hangovers is to make a banana milkshake with honey added in it. This will not only give you immense relief but also soothe the stomach. Taking banana and honey with cold milk will help to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

25. Indigestion issues? Use Beets

A lot of people suffer from indigestion. This may be because of having a weak digestive system. If anyone experiences indigestion frequently, then it may lead to constipation, which is painful. Don’t worry, here is a simple home remedy for you to treat this issue.

Solution Method:

Eat half bowl of cooked beets in the morning with an empty stomach. Taking this regularly for 7-10 days will help you get rid of indigestion and constipation.

26. Tired of Blackheads? Use Cucumber

Blackheads make your skin look dull and uneven. Excessive blackheads appear on your nose and around the chin area if your skin contains sebum in large quantities. It is essential to treat this issue on time; otherwise, your skin can be damaged for a longer time.

Solution Method:

Grate a fresh cucumber and apply all over the face and neck. Leave it for exactly 15 minutes and then wash your face. Your skin will become fresh and healthy. Applying this regularly will make your skin clear and blackheads free.

27. Want Glowing skin? Use this remedy!

We all want our face to look fresh, glowing it. You may have tried many cosmetic products to make your skin spotless and healthy, instead of experimenting more with your skin. Use this simple remedy and observe remarkable results.

Solution Method:

All you have to do is wash your face with salty water one or two times a day. You can add some salt to clean water and then wash your face with it. This will cleanse your skin deeply, and you’ll get rid of all the dirt and pollution that were the leading causes of your bad skin condition.

28. Bad Breath? Try this

If you do not get closer to people because of bad breath and even regular brushing, you aren’t working anymore. Use this oil pulling technique and get rid of bad breath.

Solution Method:

Take a tsp of coconut oil or any edible oil you like. Swish in your mouth for 5-10 minutes and then spit off. Brush normally after this process. This is amazingly helpful for all those people who want to eliminate bad breath issues from their life.

29. Brittle nails? Try Massage Coconut Oil

Nails are an essential part of our body, and they play an essential role in enhancing our beauty. Lack of moisture is the leading cause of brittle nails.

Solution Method:

To make your nails shiny and healthy, take a few drops of coconut oil and massage your nails for some minutes. You can do this process at night to feel relaxed and have a sound sleep. Doing this for some days regularly will make a clear difference.

30. Hiccups? Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Hiccups are spontaneous contractions of the diaphragm — the muscle separates the chest from the abdomen and plays an integral role in breathing. If it happens, you feel difficulty in breathing. It may sound a bit weird how apple cider vinegar will help hiccups?

Solution Method:

According to a report presented in 205, a patient was given apple cider vinegar after chemotherapy, and it helped him out against hiccups. You can add a tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and take it regularly. Hiccups will indeed be relieved.

31. Dark circles? Try this remedy

Dark circles around eyes don’t look nice. These may be due to lack of sleep, stress, or genetics. But don’t worry, there’s always a way to treat some issues.

Solution Method:

Here is a simple remedy that you can use to remove dark circles.

Take milk in a bowl with 1 tsp of tomato juice and two pinches of turmeric. Dip 1 cotton pad in it. Now apply this cotton pad on dark circles, leave it for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with water. You can also apply used green tea bad after cooling them in the fridge. Put these cold tea bags around the eyes for some minutes. Doing this regularly will make a massive difference to your dark circles.

32. Shorter hair a problem? Use this fantastic hair mask.

About 80% of the girls want their hair to be long, healthy, and shiny. Hair growth depends on your genetics, mental, and overall health. But several ways are using which you can make your hair grow faster.

Solution Method:


  • 2 Tsp rose water
  • 2 Tsp shampoo
  • 1 Tsp Aloe Vera Gel

Mix all these ingredients and massage thoroughly all over the scalp, leave this for 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with normal tap water. You will observe remarkable results.

33. Want spotless skin? Use Aloe Ice Cubes

Glowing and spotless skin is the aim of every other girl. Today, not only girls but also boys are conscious about their facial skin.

Solution Method:

Take fresh aloe vera leaf, wash it. Cut it in half with help of knife. Now again, cut the leaf into small cube shapes. Put these cubes in the freezer and let them freeze for 5-6 hours. Apply these aloe ice cubes daily on a clean face. In a week or two, you will be able to see excellent results. Your skin will be spot free and smooth.

34. Loose facial skin? Try these home remedies.

Women started having their facial skin loose after their 40s. No doubt, it is an age factor, but you can always lessen these effects with care. To make your skin tighter, simply use these two home remedies.

Remedy # 1
Mix 1 tsp of coffee powder with 2 tsp of coconut oil and 1/8 tsp of aloe Vera gel. Mix it well. Massage it gently for 2 minutes, then wash it off after 5 minutes.

Remedy # 2
Mix 1 tsp of yogurt with 1 tsp of aloe Vera gel and 1/2 tsp of olive oil. Massage it gently on the face for 5 minutes, then wash it off.

All these ingredients are natural and known well for skin tightening and smoothening. So give them a try!

35. Are you an Insomniac? Take Camomile Tea

Insomnia is a disturbing condition where a person is unable to sleep for a more extended period. Sleep is necessary to make our body work properly, but poor sleep conditions make you irritated and lazy.

Solution Method:

To get out of this condition, use camomile tea. Take this tea before going to bed. It does not contain any caffeine, so taking it before going to bed is safer, and you’ll have a sound sleep for sure.

36. Toothache? Use Cloves

Toothache is undoubtedly the worst kind of pain. While experiencing a toothache, your whole head gets hurt. You’ll start having earache and headache as well. So it is really important to cure it timely. In addition to medicine, you can use a clove to get relief from toothache.

Solution Method:

Apply a clove directly to the sore area. Or you can make a paste out of crushed clove and water and apply this paste to your tooth. You’ll get relief within 20 minutes.

37. Cracked lips? Apply honey

Cracked lips hurt. It also doesn’t look so good, especially when you’re in a group of people. It makes you look dehydrated and restless.

Solution Method:

Apply honey on your lips and let it dry for a awhile. You don’t have to add any other ingredient to it. Make sure you don’t lick it with your tongue as it is delicious. Once it gets dry, you can rinse your lips with water. Regularly using honey will make your lips soft and pink.

38. Suffering from backache? Eat Celery

Backache hurts. If you have backache, you can’t walk, sit, or even sleep properly. You should take proper medication for its treatment. But also add some natural products in your life for faster recovery. Celery contains “The 3-N-Butylphthalide compound” which is considered as a natural pain killer.

Solution Method:

Add celery to your daily diet. Use it with salads in raw form or have celery juice. Do not take it in cooked form as cooking breaks down the substance.

39. Do bad feet smell? Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Bad feet smell can make you embarrass in front of your family, friends, or colleagues. If you face this problem for a long time and nothing worked for you so far, use this fantastic and simple home remedy.

Solution Method:

Take a bowl or tub add 1 part of apple cider vinegar and four water parts in the tub. Soak your feet for 30 minutes inside this solution. Doing this regularly will make you get rid of feet smell and help you cure sore feet and cracked heels.

40. Cholesterol Issue? Take more Vitamin C

Vitamin-C works as an anti-oxidant, which helps to reduce inflammation. Taking vitamin-C in the right quantity helps to maintain cholesterol levels in the body. You don’t have to take vitamin-c supplements. Go for natural fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, orange, etc.


Home remedies always prove to be effective without leaving any kind of side effects. Sometimes home remedies become more effective than medication, so you should always give them a try. Do not leave your medical treatment and rely only on home remedies. These remedies help to regulate the healing process faster.

If you have some severe health issues, then always consult with your doctor before taking anything.

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