Ultimate Health Foods List of 111+ Healthiest Foods to Eat

Being healthy and fit is everyone’s priority. Almost all of us talk about health and try different diets, foods, and supplements to maintain our health and wellbeing. However, we follow other methods to improve our health condition, but only a few of us know how to keep our health by eating the right food. Don’t worry, and we are here to help you out to get rid of this situation. 

For you, we have made an Ultimate Health Foods List of 111 most Healthiest Foods to Eat. 

So, have a look!

List of 111+ Healthiest Foods to Eat:


Oatmeal controls cholesterol, helps you prevent heart disease, and, due to its soluble fiber, keeps you filled until lunch. Search for varieties of old-fashioned or steel-cut.


In a half-cup serving of avocado, you obtain almost 20% of your daily dose of fiber and mono-unsaturated cholesterol-lowering fats.


 Despite their wimpy popularity, a cup of green peas contains eight times the protein of a cup of spinach.


Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and fiber. Beta-carotene, the compound that gives orange carrots, has been associated with a lower risk of certain forms of cancer produced.


You might be confused about which kiwi is being discussed here? The fruit or the bird? Here we are talking about Kiwi Fruit. This fuzzy fruit, ounce by ounce, contains twice as much vitamin C as orange and almost as potassium.


Barley is healthy and nutritious. Many people think that eating barley may end up gaining some extra pounds. But this isn’t true. Barley is rich in fiber and proves to be a good cholesterol fighter.


The onions are rich in quercetin, which increases blood flow and activates a protein within the body, which helps regulate the level of glucose, stores fat torches, and prevents new fat cells. Not to forget, onions are practically a hidden hero to cardiovascular health, a vital wellness environment for all, but in particular for those who struggle hard to speed up their process to lose their weight.

Dark Chocolate

We all love chocolates! But honestly, the Hershey or Cadbury standard bar will not receive any health awards. However, sweet chocolate bars are not safe. The suggestion is to have a high cocoa (and low-sugar) dark chocolate bar.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese may not be one of the most common milk types, but it’s an affordable, healthy food.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. However, some diet plans suggest a maximum of three eggs per week. But you can have one or two eggs per day if you are not following any specific diet plan.


Yogurt has all the advantages of dairy, and it offers healthy nutrition that your body needs essentially. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many great benefits for skin, hair, and overall body. You can replace regular cooking oil with coconut oil and make your food healthier than before.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the healthiest oil so far. Newly published studies show that by adding olive oil to your daily diet, you can also defend yourself against age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, skin aging, etc.


All vinegar is made up of a compound called acetic acid. In addition to nutritional advantages, vinegar also serves as an appetizer and improves the flavor and feel of meat.


The favorite vegetable of Popeye is a significant source of iron, protein, and vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and cardiac-healthy folate. Hence, it is suggested to use spinach regularly to improve health. 

Mustard Greens

Mustard green is another veggie worth a spot in your diet. They supply a whopping 92% of your RDI with vitamin K, 96% with your Vitamin A, and 47% with your Vitamin C per coupe when steamed, and their high glucosinolate content has an excess of disease-fighting properties.


Kale belongs to the cabbage family. Kale had its sun moment, but it certainly deserves praise as far as nutritious veggies are involved.


Why not add in cress the next time you make a salad? This green veggie is a vital folate source that has been shown to promote weight loss.

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Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, an antioxidant that indicates that the risk for cancer of the bladder, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach will decrease, and coronary artery disease can be minimized.


Artichokes have been used for centuries for their potential medicinal properties. By adding artichokes to your diet, you can benefit from improved digestion, lower blood sugar levels, improved heart and liver health. 

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers have a high level of vitamin C. In red bell peppers, there is a very strong degree of antioxidants. Anti-aging antioxidants must work. Furthermore, Red Bell peppers’ content is high in vitamin C, which is essential in producing collagen.


This flowery vegetable will help you smooth out the core in addition to avoiding prostate, breast, lung, and skin cancers. 


Many of us think that potatoes are unhealthy because of their starchy nature. But if we take steamed or baked potatoes instead of fried ones, we’ll get good nutrition from them. 

Sweet Potatoes

White potatoes give potassium and fiber, but in diet, sweet potatoes are also supreme.


The world’s best potassium supplies contain bananas. Vitamin B6 and fiber are both high in them. Bananas are ridiculously comfortable and mobile.


Not only are blueberries tasty, but they are also one of the world’s most strong sources of antioxidants and must be included in daily diet. 


The vitamin C content of oranges is well-known. They also have high fiber, vitamins, and also amazing taste to keep you healthy and fresh. 


Strawberries, both in carbs and in calories, have a high nutritional value.

It is filled with vitamin C, fiber, and manganese and is one of the tastiest fruits.

Lean Beef

Lean beef is one of the best protein options available and is filled with high bioavailability of iron. If you are on a low-carb diet, lean beef is a must to add to your diet. 

Chicken Breasts

The breast of the chicken has low fat and calories but a very high protein content. It’s a big nutrition supply!


Typically grass-fed lambs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and their meal needs to be added more to your diet.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the world’s richest nutrient seeds. A single once chia seeds contain large amounts of magnesium, manganese, calcium, and various other nutrients (28 g), (11g) of fiber, is must for daily intake. 


Coconuts are filled with medium-chain triglycerides, which are fibers and strong fatty acids. Coconut, if taken fresh, nourishes your body from inside, and even if you take the dry coconut, it works well for the body’s health.

Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are delicious. They are rich in mono-unsaturated fats; they are much higher and lower in Omega-6 than most other nutrients.


Walnuts are extremely nutritious and full of fiber and minerals of all types. Therefore, walnuts are a must on this healthy food list!


Peanuts are extremely nutritious and have a high content of nutrients and antioxidants. Several studies show that you can lose weight with peanuts.


Asparagus is a common vegetable. Both carbs and calories are limited, and vitamin K is loaded in it. That is why it proves to be beneficial for health.

Black Pepper

The piperine in black pepper eases digestion and stimulates the stomach, which then secretes more hydrochloric acid that helps digest proteins in food. So a bit of pepper in food will help you to digest it faster.


Cauliflower is a strongly versatile cruciferous vegetable. It can be used for cooking all kinds of balanced recipes and tastes pretty good alone.


Cucumber is one of the best-known vegetables in the world. It contains mostly water and is very low in both carbs and calories.


Garlic is unbelievably amazing for health. It contains allicin, a biologically powerful compound with enhanced immune function.


Salmon has an exceptionally good taste and a great deal of food, including protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a form of oily fish that makes it highly healthy! 


Sardines are thin, fatty fish, which you may enjoy among the most nutritious foods.


Shellfish is not largely consumed, but it provides more nutrients than almost all other fish types and is highly recommended to add to your diet. 


Shrimp is also a sea animal. Fat and calories are usually limited in them, but protein is high.


Trout is another tasty type of oily fish. Rich in vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. Must be used frequently.


In western countries, Tuna is very popular, with low fat and calories, but high proteins. 

Brown Rice

Rice is one of the oldest grains of cereals and is a staple meal for over half the world.


Oats are incredible for health. They produce nutrients and even solid fibers called beta-glucans, which have shown several benefits.


In recent years, quinoa has become increasingly common among health-conscious people. So, you must also give it a try!

Ezekiel Bread

The healthiest bread you can buy in the shop might be Ezekiel bread. It is made of organic, whole grains that are sprouted and often contains a variety of legumes.

Homemade low-carb bread

You make yourself the safest option for nutritious bread. 

Green beans

The unripe varieties of the common beans are green beans, also called string beans. In western countries, they are very common as they play an important role in maintaining your overall health. 

Kidney beans

Kidney beans are filled with many minerals and vitamins and have a high fiber content. Just ensure they are well prepared because they can be poisonous if they are raw.


They are rich in fiber and are one of the best sources of protein from plants. Eating lentils will surely contribute to making your health better.

Butter from grass-fed cows

Butter is rich in many essential nutrients to cows fed hay, including the very important vitamin K2.


Turmeric has been used from ancient times as a core ingredient in face packs, skin ointments, tooth issues, and much more. It is also heard that taking warm milk by adding 2-3 pinch of turmeric before bed maintains your overall body health.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

In the natural health culture, Apple Cider Vinegar is highly common. Studies have shown that with Apple Cider Vinegar, blood sugar can be lower and cause moderate weight loss.


Pistachios are one of the yummiest nuts. They are rich in vitamin-B and have healthy fats that make your skin and hair healthier. You can replace your unhealthy snacks with pistachios. 

Brazil Nuts

Like many other nuts, Brazilian nuts are an excellent fiber, shielding, and calcium source. Still, their remarkable content of magnesium and selenium has also proved to be extremely useful in the battle against prostate cancer.


Cashews are a decent source of protein, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and are not missed as one of the nuts.


The mushrooms are wonderful and come in all sizes and forms. They are also scientifically peculiar since they are not a vegetable, spice, or herb, but their type of food/species.

Canola Oil

Why it’s great: Canola, taken from a broccoli seed plant, is ranked at the top with a virtually ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 2.5:1.

Flaxseed Oil

Also known in the art class as linseed oils, this fat has ALA. Flaxseed oils are rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids. You can use flaxseed oil by adding it to milk or tea. Flaxseed oil helps to reduce blood sugar and improves cholesterol.


Dozens of studies demonstrate a much better cardiovascular form than those who use cocoa like a hot drink or ingested as dark chocolate.


Ironically, cinnamon, the warm spice that provides added sweetness to sucrose baking products, may be able to regulate blood sugar better and avoid diabetes, or just the way nature cuts us slack.


Since 4th BC, ginger has been used for thousands of years to manage disturbed tummies and improve digestion in Chinese medicinal texts.


In papaya, different health benefits and nutrients are found. It can help protect against various health conditions, including reduced heart disease risk, lowered cancer risk, improved digestion, and improved blood glucose regulation in diabetic patients.


While not a herb technically, coriander is more than a beautiful garnish. The herb has a special combination of oils that behave like over-the-counter medications for calm digestive muscles and a softening of an “overactive” intestine. However, they are polarised in terms of flavor.


Again, while it is not actually a spice nor a herb, but because of its rich nutrition content, rosemary deserves to be recognized as well!


Food is tasteless without spice. The red-hot spice’s health effects include lowering blood pressure and preventing sinus inflammation.

Mustard Seed

Mustard seeds are rich in a nutrient known for their strong anti-inflammatory effects called selenium. The high energy source from mustard seeds helps alleviate asthma attacks, some symptoms, and lower blood pressure from rheumatoid arthritis.

Shelled Pumpkin Seeds 

A handful of raw or dried pumpkin seeds will power you with a workout. These seeds are very beneficial for women with PCOS and hormonal issues.

Sesame Seeds

The sesame seeds are known to have the highest oil compared to related crops, including peanuts, soybeans, and rape. Also, they are rich in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Thanks to its myriad health benefits, the Kefir, fermented milk made from grains, has been a growing nutritional superstar in recent years.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt may be a crucial ally in your quest to lose weight. Creamy, tasty yogurt helped obese women to lose nearly twice the weight of probiotics.

Parmesan Cheese

The fermentation process that produces most cheeses are, of course, very low in sugar, and the additional advantage of parmesan cheese is to minimize blooming candy cravings.

Cheese Gruyere

Here’s a pretext for an hour’s wine/cheese: the great Swiss cheese contains 30% more protein in one slice than the egg, plus a third of the vitamin A RDA.


Kamut is a former Middle East plant, an excellent source of cardiac-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, and low in calories at the same time.


Amaranth, like quinoa, is not a crop but rather the seed of an amaranth vine. Of necessity, amaranth is more gluten-free in muscular proteins than wheat and brown rice over 9 grams but remarkably rich in other nutrients such as calcium and fiber, too.


Although this heartfelt whole grain could never have been heard before, it will become your new favorite.


It may be thin, but it has a heavy nutrient punch—this gluten-free grain with a flavor. 

Sprouted Whole Grain Bread

Not all bread wait for the weight loss aims to do it. This nutrient-dense bread is filled with protein and seeds such as barley and millet. This bread contains folate-filled food.


The hummus is a powerful, known as a chickpea garbanzo bean. This pleasing dip is greater in food, healthy fats, and protein than the average ranch dip, making the platter cooler.


The humble beet is often dismissed as one of the healthiest plants on earth as it is healthy for the brain and an expert at reducing blood pressures. Folate, magnesium, and vitamin C are filled with brightly colored root vegetables.


Like other berries, antioxidants fill raspberries to help keep the body healthy and disease free. Vitamin C, calcium, and iron also come fresh or frozen.


Sometimes called the healthiest diet globally, lemons have high anti-inflammatory properties and can help deter cancer cell growth. They have the same level of vitamin C as oranges.

Black Beans

Black beans have a good reputation in the digestive tract with their antioxidants and aid. They also help to balance blood sugar and allow for nearly every meal a perfect side dish. They are more slowly digested than most foods and give you long-lasting energy all day.


Like strawberries, watermelon produces Lycopene, an antioxidant that has a significant influence on cancer prevention.


This is another tasty food-loaded snack piece. It is also an antioxidant powerhouse and contains a high amount of fiber, which helps your digestive system.


The all-powerful apple, last but never least. They were on to when they said: 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away” One of the most nutritious fruits on the planet, apples are must be included in your diet!

Peanut Butter

This creamy propagation is completely addictive. When you eat so much peanut butter, a 2-table-spoon regular serving offers a good dose of muscle-building protein and healthier fats.


The cooked chicken breast only has 142 calories and 3g of fat but packs a whopping 26g, more than twice the recommended daily intake.


Turkey is a big protein source. The body builds and restores bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood, and tissue with protein. Protein is a macronutrient that takes a lot of your body. Your body is unable to store protein, so every day, you have to eat it.

Canned Sardines In Oil

The bigger the fish, the less harmful mercury it contains. Usually, these little fish come from the Pacific. They pack a caloric punch considering their small size.

Pacific Codfish

Fish and chips out of the fryer cannot encourage you to lose weight. However, research suggests that if you keep thinking about a daily serving of Pacific cod, you will observe improvement in your body’s overall health.


Speaking of weight loss oysters, they also allow you to shed some pounds due to their amazing zinc content. It is beneficial for your body even if you are not intended to lose weight.

Light Canned Tuna

Canned light tuna is one of the safest and most economical weight loss fish from your belly, as a primordial source of protein and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Wild Salmon

Don’t let the comparatively high calorie of salmon and its fat content confuse you; reports show that fatty fish could be better for health.


You have always learned that the fish is high in protein, but you will be shocked if you hear that the satiety department is made up of fiber-rich oatmeal and vegetables.


The rising star of the barbecue is Ostrich’s beef. While logically red and rich in beef flavor, the fat is less than turkey or chicken.

Grass-Fed Beef

Go for grass-fed steaks or burgers. It can dress up your wallet, but your abs can be dented. Grass-food beef is, of course, slender and calorific less than standard meat.

Black Tea

Italian researchers have found it is easier to drink a cup of black tea a day — and the more cups you drink, the better!

White Tea

In general, tea is a healthy non-sugar alternative to soda and juices, and each form of tea comes with its weight loss gain, as you will soon discover.

Bitter Oranges

Like their yellow family mates, bitter oranges are full of vitamin C. They are just one of the delicious fruit supplies 130% of the daily vitamin C requirements. However, their obvious capacity to lower women’s stroke risk is what separates them from lemons.


Grapes are another fruit that is frequently ignored due to their high sugar content, but don’t let it keep you from snacking a few baby grapes now and then.

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are found to boost heart health and maintains body weight.

Red Grapefruit 

A 2012 study released in the Metabolism journal showed that a half-grapefruit could be consumed before meals to reduce the amount of visceral fat and low cholesterol.


Sauerkraut is not only for hot dogs; it can have potent cancer and slimming effects, and the Lacto fermented chop, comprising natural compounds.


An analysis published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Science Anthocyanins tells you a range of advantages in flavonoids that give eggplants their distinctive color.


Celery is another amazing green vegetable that can be used in salads or sandwiches, burgers, etc. You can eat salary in raw form and get its amazing benefits. 

In a Nutshell

Managing time for maintaining health and staying fit has become tricky with tough routines. Save your time and use this list to know about all the essential foods you need to add to your diet. 

Good Luck!

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