Tech Education by Drexel University or college

Using a mix of online learning, practice-based labs, and experiential learning, Drexel’s tech education programs are designed to put together students for career success in the technology field. The university has more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in a variety of fields. They also offer those under 18 and license programs, allowing for students to tailor all their studies to match their profession goals.

Drexel’s ET course emphasizes hands-on laboratory physical exercises, systems-based learning, and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. This system prepares students for jobs as technology innovators. Participants of this software will have the technical expertise required by many consulting companies and industry leaders.

Pupils who choose the Engineering Technology program become well-versed in regional industry. They take part in industry-sponsored capstone jobs, and often get employment at local businesses. These students likewise engage in to truly with foreign companies.

The School of Education offers an via the internet MS in Learning Technologies, which is designed for pupils interested in technology leadership and instructional style. Graduates with this program could have the skills necessary to apply solutions in business and company settings, nonprofit organizations, and K-12 options. This program is accredited throughout the Council meant for Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP), which will promotes the good quality assurance and ongoing improvement.

The school offers many minors, including Software Design, Data Science, and Human-Computer Interaction. These minors may be completed in association with the BUREAU OF SECURITY AND INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES degree.

Drexel’s School of Education offers an Training Technology Specialist Official certification program. Teachers of this application will be prepared to work in a variety of roles, which include instructional technology professional, technology program designer, technology trainer, and technology educator.

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